Gyula Ujhelyi

Welcome to my profile,

I am Gyula Ujhelyi, 33, from Budapest. I am responsible for the strenght and conditioning duties of the basketball project of the Longbow Sports Management and I am also in charge of the sports diet part of it. In addition, the is owned by me, I am the leading trainer of that company.

I spent almost a decade in the Hungarian Youth System as a basketball coach. I graduated from the University of Physical Education in 2002 with a basketball coach certificate, after it I obtained the International Trainer Degree provided by IFBB (International Federation of Body Building and Fitness).

In order to give the possible highest level of services, I feel called upon to improve myself, as a result, I am studying continuously with the help of international seminars, forums, related articles, books and videos.
I would like to help as many people as possible – including everyday guys who are dreaming of having a more muscular, slimmer body or a pro athlete who would like to train himself/herself with specific tasks required in the certain sports. As the time is a strict limit for the number of personalised trainings – as well as the number of the clients who could utilise my help – I intended to establish a system which is not venue- and/or time-fixed, but what can provide the highest level of concentration and savvy.

The diet, the schedule of the trainings and the use of the supplementary products are set by me according to the personalised goals of the clients, that is the reason why the can get closer to their purposes training by training.

A personal training is not a compulsory task for me. It is my passion… my life.