Our Mission

We are determined to prove that it is possible to run a training-, competition- and sportsmen coaching system in Hungary what is meant to be similar to the ones that have been functioning in the advanced sports cultures of the continent for decades.

Our main aim is to produce as many talented and capable sportsmen, coaches and executives for the Hungarian- and the European sports market as possible.

Our coaching system is based on the effective scouting of the youngsters between the age of 16 and 19 who seem to be capable of becoming professional sportsmen. We are trying to provide them with all the needs towards fulfilling their dreams as performing at a professional level of their beloved sports. In order to do so, the technical-, physical-, mental-, sportsdiet- and pedagogic coaching and management at the same time.

Establishing our presence in Merchandising-, Marketing- and Media platforms would be highly important for getting the people of Budapest and Hungary truly fall in love with sports. We are trying to make it happen by getting more and more people to attend live games, competitions, tournaments and events. In addition, with the help of the conscious and organized presence on TV-, online- and printed platforms, we are trying to establish a sports- and cultural environment in which the success is not expected only by chance as our main goal is to have them as a consequence of predictable results.