Our Services

Longbow Sports Management supports young sportsmen who are considered to be talented for having a high level international career. Their future results are more or less predictable thanks to the circumstances provided by our company. Our aim is to help them with maximizing their opportunities, as a result, we intend to involve as many sponsors who are thinking in long-time projects as possible.

As our activities are based on supporting and managing junior athletes, our partners all have the possibility to invest relatively smaller amounts to help them along the way of becoming successful on a professional level. Our goal is to lead our talented youngsters to the premier segment of European- and World Sports, consequently it is possible to reserve such partnership positions in advance for years what would become highly precious as our athletes and teams are getting more and more successful in the coming years.

In order to provide these partnership options, we have all the necessary online-, TV-, print- and social media platforms in our portfolio for our future sponsors. All of them are connected to each other in a special way, that is the reason why we can choose the most suitable options for each partners in favour of the possible biggest return of their investments – as well as getting in touch with their targeted people in the most effective way.